We help with Garnishment, Repossessions and Lawsuit Defense


Corcoran Law Office defends people in the Traverse City areas from creditor garnishment, repossessions and lawsuits.  Creditors may sue people who don’t pay their debts.  Their goal is to obtain a judgment which is a “tool” necessary to begin the collection process.  Once a judgment has been entered, creditors may seek to garnish, seize or levy bank accounts, paid for automobiles, and personal belongings.   Creditors often seek garnishment of a person’s wages.  We can stop the garnishment by filing a bankruptcy under any chapter of the code.  Bankruptcy creates an “automatic stay” which instructs creditors from taking wages or assets from you.

We can defend you in Court if you are sued.  Sometimes you have a defense worth proving, like mistaken identity from identity fraud.  We can review facts and circumstances surrounding your case, and offer the appropriate response.  We can speak to the attorney on “the other side”, and point out the flaws in their case.  Also we can negotiate with and obtain settlement terms you can live with.  Most of all do not ignore a collection lawsuit.  You may have rights and defenses that could save you thousands, and you may be able to keep your credit report “clean”.  Call us today to get a free evaluation over the telephone.